Want to coach?

Our volunteers are the club's most important resource. There are numerous ways you can help our teams, either as Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team ManagerIf you're interested in any of these roles, email us at info@mcgilvrasoccer.org, or indicate so on your kid's registration form.

No experience required!!                                

  • Coaches & Assistant Coaches are primary points of contact between the McGilvra Soccer Club and our players/parents.
  • They work with the children - teaching them about soccer, sportsmanship, and making sure they're having a great experience!
  • They are Ambassadors of the McGilvra Soccer Club when our teams play opponents from neighboring communities.
  • Team Managers handle internal team communications: game-day RSVP, team snack sign-up sheets, etc.

Check out the Coaches corner for more information about coaching or contact the club President at president@mcgilvrasoccer.org